Hello there!

I am Kosha, an interaction designer, currently pursuing MS. Digital media at Georgia Institute of Technology. Here I am primarily involved in three areas:



Let's connect and explore the endless possibilities where design, technology, and human emotion intersect!

You can drop me an email at kosha7bheda@gmail.com


A little more about me

As an empathy-driven designer who has a diverse background in Information Design, Illustration  and Visual Design,  I bring a comprehensive skill set to the table. The burning question that fuels my creativity is understanding how we can evoke emotion through design.

I believe in designing for impact and I practice the same through actively engaging in a diverse range of projects driven by various motivations. These include climate change, sustainability , promoting local crafts, supporting learning disabilities and community engagement. I also design to bring a smile to someone’s face!

I take pride in my ability to identify and differentiate between cluttered and detailed information which then translates to designs. I thrive in collaborative environments and seek leadership opportunities.

Beyond the digital canvas, I have an unbridled passion for art history, local crafts and nurturing plants from my home garden! I also love the blissful chaos of getting my hands dirty to create art!


Let’s work together!

I am actively looking for full time positions in UI/UX | Product | Interaction design so if my work intrigues you and can add value or you simply want to say Hi, let’s chat!



Next Project: SoundMind

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